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MJC Class Search & Self-Registration Tutorial

Hello MJC student! In this tutorial, we will go over how to search for and register for classes at MJC, online. https://mjc.edu/

Mars Hydro FC-6500 PAR Test & Review

The Mars Hydro FC 6500 is a sleek and elegant fixture with truly exceptional performance. I am impressed with the efficiency, coverage, and the design.
Use Discount Code: CCFC on Mars-Hydro: https://bit.ly/2LhTwhL
Note: The product has been updated since this review was published.
The FC-6500 is the best fixture that Mars Hydro has produced. In my official test, it recorded a Usable Photon Efficiency of 2.38 µmol/w, which is among the industry leaders. I am really impressed with this fixture – and with how far Mars Hydro has come.
See the complete test report page: https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-guide/mars-hydro-fc-6500-par-test-and-review/

Grow Light PAR Testing is part of the Coco for Cannabis Grow Light Guide.
Grow Light Calculator: https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-calculator/
Grow Light Metrics Primer: https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-metrics-primer/
Grow Light Testing Protocol: https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-testing-protocol/

I conduct independent and impartial grow light testing and reviews. I present the data that I gather during my tests. The opinions and recommendations that I offer are based on my experience with indoor horticulture and horticultural lighting.
The manufacturer provided me with the light fixture in exchange for testing and a review. I always retain the right to give honest reviews about the products that I receive. I do not offer manufacturers exclusivity or give them any editorial control over my reviews. The opinions and analysis are my own.
Everything at CocoforCannabis.com is in the interests of growers and in the Spirit of Collaboration. You can support our work by visiting the grow light guide, following our links and using our discount codes. Grower Love -MJ
Bruce Holinight : Nice work , I've been running this light since August and I can tell you it's absolutely killer , I'm in a 57"x57" tent , a small 5x5 , it's about 2-3" from each side , the performance is spectacular ! I had a CMH de 1000 and this light grows way bigger denser bud's , right out to the edge , I switched in mid flower and my girls went ballistic , all branches went straight to the top .....insane growth ! $990 , I paid $1300 Canadian but if it died I'd buy another immediately !
Jordan Jackson : Awesome video! I love finding science-based resources like this for growers. Please keep the videos coming!
Rows Of Green : I was pretty impressed with how big and the density of the buds in my last grow with this as well. Definitely a good fixture.
HempWithGG : Love when there is light videos with such scientific data and not manufacturing marketing data.
Des420 : I like this series from Mars. So much that I grabbed 2 x 6500's and 2 x 4800's (they were cheaper then I believe?). No complaints about the products. That said, Mars Hydro has pretty terrible customer service and I didn't even have any issues with the lights themselves. I think I'd still recommend these though. They're solidly built, put out a lot of light and are still a good value compared to other, similar offerings.

Campus Life & Student Learning at MJC

Campus Life and Student Learning are responsible for a number of events, activities and organizations at Modesto Junior College. So whether you want to learn more about the MJC campus, get and ID card, attend events and activities, join student government or join a campus club; Campus Life \u0026 Student Learning can help! https://www.mjc.edu/studentservices/sdncl/
Aiden : When I graduated from Johansen back in late May, I chose not to come here and get a job instead. And it was a completely regrettable mistake I made, because, I chose find a job and my parents sent me to a program that helps me get a job and I was fine with it at first, but now I wish I never went there, and because it made me feel like my life was falling apart, because I haven't seen my friends from high school in a while, and all I want to do is go there and learn and have them help me get a job and hang out with my friends. But it's 2020 and I'll be able to go this year.
Short Films by Sarah : I went to MJC a few years ago <3
Isaura Torres : English class A S L
MyIceFroze : Why are y’all named the pirates?




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