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Swordfish Transformation

Done with a mouse in photoshop.
Eddie Winters : That was eerie cool Zach! You know what Zach, by doing these animation videos you seriously need to get your seven to ten to thirty people as your practical special effects assistants to do this kind of creature transformations and start making feature short minutes films, for real. I'm serious Zach, go for it, do it now. :D
Eddie Winters : Great work on that animation Zach! But I really love to see you do practical special effects again soon, including the "Frog TF" film videos.
Olga Chico : This is the swordfish power
Fell! Amzzi Songsong and Ermao : Wow, cool this video!
Stephen Berg : Are you going to make a live action version of the transformation

"TF! Jeunesse" ID's (1997-2001)

Winner of two BDA awards.
FNP BBS : This Needs To Come Back!
D - Baron : Certains jingle me laissent un effet de nostalgie en les revoyant. Mais franchement, quand je pense que c'est ce genre de truc qui a remplacé le Club Dorothée jugé me demande ce qu'il y a d'intelligent sur TF1 à l'heure actuelle :/
Mahhi-train NFG35(なる友) : 2:50 I love this part
Toplacinq : Début : Voici des jingle tout chaud !
Fin : Si vous en voulez plus, il faudra attendre demain !
Mallory Jay Fitness : I love it

【LIVE】 Rank No.1 Teemo 티모랭킹 1위

【LIVE】 Rank No.1 Teemo 티모랭킹 1위

후원\u0026미션(투네) :
맴버쉽 :
티발연 1:1톡방 :
디스코드 :
인스타 :

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